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Pay link is a most interesting fact: Nowadays B2B service and B2C sales are in the market with unexpected growth. But we know that every business needs a strong supplier who knows the financial demand. Growth at every business needs a strong and stable economy to get into the industry, but if you want to sell your product out of your zone and you don't have any payment portal or online payment solution to get your payment from your customer, you can you face some problems along the way that you did not foresee.

EazyPay Instant Payment Link has been one of our richest efforts to resolve these issues. Instant links via email or url link which can be sent via sms to collect payments immediately. This solution helps our customers get payments online without having website and mobile applications.

Let's say you have a B2B or B2C business where you get orders for phone calls and you have to deliver a product. But you face a problem with getting your payment online. So what solution would you use?

Payment Links is the best solution and it will solve all your problems in getting payments online without having any e-commerce and mobile application.

So, what do you basically need to do to generate the payment link for your customers so they can pay online and how to get your payments platform faster.

EazyPay is very easy. You must visit and register your company. It is very easy with few steps. After completing your business registration with Eazypay you will receive a simple and user-friendly control panel where you can generate a payment link, where your customers can pay your payments.

  • Instant payment link
    Simply add the basic amount and need to select the instant payment link, then just send the payment link to your customer by choosing the sending mode (e.g. email)
  • Time Interval payment link
    Time interval payment link will help you in cases where you want to send the payment link after a day, then you can choose the shipping date and your customer will receive the payment link on the specific date.
  • Expiration date for payment links

Expiry Payment Links have some additional options that you can choose here Instant Payment at TimeInterval Payment Link, but with both options you can also choose Expiry Date, which means that after the expiry date, the link will expire automatically.

Introducing reminders on Eazypay Payment Links

Instant Payment Links now come with automated with reminders generated by the system based on the payment status of the link.
These auto-generated reminder links support you by doing the following:

  • Get the number of paid invoices and links
  • Reduce costs and deductibles required to collect payments
  • Reduce the number of days your clients take to make the payments

With the Eazypay Schedule reminders based on the date of sending the payment link, or if you set an expiration for the payment link, the merchant can have the reminders sent before the payment link expires.

“Schedule a reminder day before expiration”
“Schedule a reminder the day after you send the link”

The reminders are sent by mail. The reminders are sent at a time of day based on our analysis of payment patterns, as we have noticed in a wide range of consumers and industries.

Payment Link

Create a Payment Link


via Dashboard to share via E-mail or SMS

Payment Reminder


Eazypay Payment Link will trigger a reminder a sms or an email as per reminder schedule

Expire Payment Link


Payment Link will auto expire if cusomter paid thorugh the link or if you have used the expiry schedule

Enjoy With Eazypay Payments Link Solution


Get Your Money In Your Account.

If Your Custmore Miss The Payment


Eazypay reminder scheduler will auto trigger the sms or email as per your reminder schedule.

What Will Happen With If User Paid From Link ?


Payment link will auto expire after paid by customer.

Customer Makes Payment


If customer makes the payment then the link flowup will autostop and the link will not use for future.

Payment Link


Eazypay want to make our customer life easier and happy.

Our dealers refer to automated reminders can complement the process in terms of number of hit points through the collection process. This can also help push customers if they have received a link that they have not paid yet. we already have over a few hundred merchants sending reminders using this product but just undergoing organic discovery in the early rollout phase. EazyPay suggests our partners go ahead and take it, too.

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