mPOS Payment System (Take payments the smart way, anytime & anywhere with our latest mobile point of sale System)


Small businesses that have never accepted card payments before and large retailers who want to increase sales & enhance the retail and payment experience, are turning to MPOS, The mPos System ensures safe, simple & smart transactions when consumers use their credit, debit & prepaid cards at mPOS. Eazypay mPOS solutions according to industry Standards & the Mobile POS best practices Guide. The response is a comprehensive list of mPOS solutions that are richest best in the class & ready to be deployed.

First need to understand, What is mPOS?

An mPOS (Mobile Point Of Sale) is a smartphone (Android, iOs & Window’s) , tablet or dedicated wireless device that performs the methods of a card paymetns or electronic point of sale.

To apply mPos a store or business needs an internet connection, a debit an credit card reader, and most important is an application need to download to the smartphone device. so mPos card reader can make a connection with the smart device. smart device make the connection with pos via bluetooth & usb.

How does an mPOS work?

nFirst need to install the application to the smartphone or tablet, because application is going to make a connection with the pos terminal. application is going to make a connection with the terminal via bluetooth or usb cable, if application is making a connection via bluetooth then from the application need to search the terminal and just simple create the connection. After creating the successfully connection user just need to enter the amount and just need to press the payment button then application will send the amount to the terminal, next setp just user need to select the payment mode type like contactless or contact and need to enter the 4 digit secure digits, at the last it's simple, effective & secure way to make the transaction. Transaction process will be under of guideline ISO8583 international standard for financial transaction card originated interchange messaging.

You must visit and register your company. It is very easy with few steps. After completing your business registration with Eazypay , you can apply for the pos terminal even you can start from today, everyday store and businesses using our product and we can see them growth increage day by day, after registration with the Eazypay you will going to get a simple and userfriendly dashboard to see the daily growth and daily sale report.


  • Contactless or Contact
    Enter the amount and use nfc, swipe or chip card
  • Enter PIN
    Customer to enter the PIN to authenticate the transaction.
  • Finalised Transaction

Finalised The Transaction & Send digital receipt to customer via SMS or Email

Benefits of mPOS

mpos it’s easy and simple to use to complete the one transaction process, it’s fully certified program that make the system more secure, it’s a small device that is very easy to integrate with smartphones or tablets. with contactless payments and mobile wallets like apple pay and google pay increasing inusability, mPOS program are also equipped to accommodate those customers who smiple wish to tap or dip their phone to pay.

mPos can also be cost-effetive allowing a small businesses to conduct online transactions without having to invest in an electronic register or pay to support the software. mPos technology is less expensive then a normal POS and it’s portable device and easy to integrate with the smart devices. with fully mPOS program merchants can get the daily, weekly & monthly reporting on the phone and also on the web dashboard. mPos systems can also lead to smallest checkout and returns lines.

MPos Mini introduce by Eazypay

mPos Mini & Application first fully certified chip and pin mPos in the world. and also make capable business and stores to accept card payments in a secure mobile environment.

  • Smart Phone & Tablets compatible, it accepts VISA, Master, Maestro, Electron
  • First fully European device sourced from the UK & EMV compliant terminal in the world
  • Highly secure, complies with PCI and EMV2 industry standards

mPos Mini is very easy to integrate with your running system, It can easily be integrated with apps running on smart devices. it's just plug and play system. Eazypay mpos terminal is going to take care all the European market with secure way to accept the payment online either it will with contact or contactless transaction.In the European market we taking the transaction with multiple currency code under the guideline of ISO_3166. You can find your country code from the ISO_3166 given list and you can start your registration with now Eazypay Registration

If you didn't start with "mPos Mini Terminal with Your Business Or Store" yet? Register & Take All The Benefits Of MPos Terminal and give your customers happy experience with online accept payments.

If you want to know more about the hardware and sofwatre configration of mpos terminal you can go through with Configration mPos detail page.

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