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EazyPay pricing for merchants

Transparent pricing and no monthly fees. We have simplified our pricing to make sense for you and your business.

  • No monthly subcription fee
  • Free services and updates
  • Free support
  • Free stock overview, no limits
  • Free employee overview
  • Multi merchants on one account for free
  • Free PCI SAQ
  • Free 3D Secure authentication
  • Monthly maintenance fee € 0,-
  • Additional payment method € 0,-
  • Recurring transaction setup fee € 0,-
  • Free 3DS v1 & 3DS v2 and Fallback
  • Bank inquiries € 22,-
  • Risk management module € 0,- transaction
  • MOTO (Mail Order/Tele Order) Setup fee € 50,-
  • 1. Chargeback fee: € 18,-
  • 2. Chargeback fee: € 18,-
  • Bank settlement € 1
  • For daily payouts minimum € 300,- Otherwise weekly payouts
  • Hire EazyPay financial development team - Contact sales

With an EazyPay account, you can accept Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards as well as any sub-brand hereof (Electron, debit, credit, business, company etc.).
For other credit/debit cards please contact sales team.


Merchants with disputes rates above 0.40% can't be onboarded at EazyPay or our bank

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