• Why is International cards fee rate is 2,60% + 0,10 euro for each transaction?
    The reaon for this Interchange fees is high are paid by the retailer's bank to the cardholder's bank for every individual transaction. Fees vary depending on the type of card.
    Regulating interchange fees will benefit consumers and retailers - particularly in Member States where current fees are very high. We do not expect a significant effect on card holder fees, because these are set competitively by issuing banks. In fact, card holder fees seem to reflect the level of competition in retail banking in each Member State, so where other bank fees are high, card holder fees are high. Card holder fees are relatively transparent and so if they are too high consumers can move banks. This, for example, happened in the US where banks threatened to increase card holder fees when their debit MIFs were capped. But card holders threatened to switch banks and so the increase was withdrawn.

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